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When we are deprived of the existence of one or more teeth, it can be unpleasant for several reasons: aesthetic practice – of mastication, psychological, etc.

Toothless of a single tooth or multiple teeth can be solved with dental implants without affecting neighbouring teeth. Implant surgery is not complicated, being almost painless, with easily predicted results. Dental implant results are the best when careful preparations are done.

It was not until recently that a more complex operation would have implied a mobile prosthesis.


Nowadays, thanks to scientific advances, they can be addressed and solved with dental implants, zirconia bridges on the implants. These works are aesthetic, comfortable and easily accepted.

In implantology the preparation operation is of great importance. Aseptic technique consists of a specific set of procedures and protocols, made under controlled conditions in order to minimize the risk of contamination with pathogens.

An important principle is that no unsterile object should come in contact with sterile surgical areas or with open wound. Also, any used medical device should be discarded or decontaminated in accordance with the reprocessing protocols.

The aim is:

  • The prevention of the introduction of pathogens in the surgical wound
  • The prevention of cross-contamination
  • The prevention of staff contamination

Our clinic takes the following preparatory steps:

  • Disinfection procedure
  • Checking the operation kit
  • Washing and disinfection
  • Provision with equipment and isolation (equipment of the nurse, of the operative field)
  • Patient preparation
  • Physician preparation
  • Removal of any waste

Every patient is carefully evaluated for their contaminant potential and vulnerability towards infections, especially when organic witnesses or immune depressions are revealed following anamnesis.

Rehabilitation with dental implants has many advantages over traditional solutions such as crowns and bridges, because:

  • they look, feel and function just like natural teeth;
  • it preserves the integrity of healthy teeth and there is no longer need for them to be affected in any way when carrying out the prosthetic treatment;
  • it stimulates alveolar bone and soft tissues, ensuring their preservation;
  • it provides maximum safety, comfort and aesthetics;
  • it eliminates discomfort, insecurity and all those small problems that patient usually face with conventional prosthesis;
  • it is the most durable and risk-free solution

It ensures appropriate bone substrate for insertion, positioning and proper healing of dental implants by correcting volume, shape or consistency defects of the jaw bone, delocalisation of some anatomical elements that can be damaged by the insertion of the dental implant or the correction of some defects resulting from the insertion of the dental implant.

These are procedures to be performed, usually during the operation of placing dental implants. Bone augmentation is also needed after dental extraction to regularize the alveolar ridge, prior to dental implants insertion.

Scientific discoveries have created a number of new techniques and modern materials that offer the premises of correct and also aesthetic medical interventions. Ceramic crowns, ceramic zirconia, ceramic inlays make all that possible.

In this field, the artistic expertise of the dental technician must make its presence felt since the successful completion of composite fillings, besides the quality of


materials used, is important to address the right chromatic harmony and the optimal occlusal modelling. At Alverna Dental Studio, all the highest standards of quality  required in dental aesthetics are fulfilled.

Also, at our clinic  we can upgrade the aesthetic qualities of your smile in only one pain-free session, using our state of the art special teeth whitening lamp.

When your teeth are attacked by caries, the first priority for our dental physicians is to make sure that your denture is thoroughly cleaned so they can restore its aesthetic, functional and morphologic qualities.

The sooner a cavity is detected and diagnosed, the better it can be treated, preserving the vitality of the tooth and avoiding the necessity of an endodontic surgery.

When teeth are treated trough odontology, an exact restoration while preserving most of the healthy tissue is very important.

Also, we have noticed throughout our experience that using a glass pivotal figure in the restoration process strengthens the tooth and gives it extended durability.

By far, the best possible treatment is the avoidance and prevention of dental problems. Scientific studies show us that it is 60 times less probable to have dental caries when applying rigorous denture hygiene.  Also, the periodical denture check-up helps improving that percentage.

The cleaning session consists of: professional cleaning, ultrasonic scaling, periodontal status check, finishing of old fillings, discovery of possible periodontal or odontal disease, topical fluoridations and last but not least, educating each patient on how to prevent problems.

When we are deprived of the existence of one or more teeth, it can be unpleasant for several reasons: aesthetic practice – of mastication, psychological, etc.

A fluent communication with the patient is very important in prosthetics. In this process, a numerous hypothetical scenarios will be assessed taking into account the use of different types of materials, the advantages or disadvantages of using them in the concrete case of each patient shall be taken into consideration and we will make the optimal decision to apply the solution.

If it happens that a particular tooth cannot be saved and extraction surgery for orthodontic purposes is necessary. We will act in such a way so to minimize pain and to avoid trauma as much as possible.

A conservative approach in managing both the soft and hard tissue is the fine tune by which we can lessen the uncomfortable impact of the intervention.

At Alverna Dental Studio, we will take all the necessary measures to ensure that the surgery will be carried out in terms of maximum comfort and safety for the patient.

Accurate endodontic treatment of a tooth is of similar importance with creating a solid foundation for a building.

When the root of a tooth is properly treated, following the instructions in specialty literature, its life may be extended together with the right aesthetic and functionality requirements fulfilled.

Working steps such as isolating the tooth with rubber dam, mechanical treatment and an accurate filling, setting the right working length with the apex locator, a correctly performed irrigation, provide increased accuracy and maximizes the premises of a successful intervention.

All this will be confirmed by the radiography performed immediately after.

Everyone wants beautiful, healthy and nicely aligned teeth!

When the teeth of a patient are too crowded or too spaced out, when the teeth are included or extruded, when they are crooked, they can be rearranged using all kind of orthodontic devices. 

Braces can be fixed or mobile, visible or less visible.

It is up to each patient to decide what kind of solution prefers to adjust its dentition.