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Cluj, Romania


“Many thanks to doctor Creţu and their nurse. These charming ladies demonstrated, besides a serious lack of calm on my part, quite remarkable patience, professionalism and, last but not least, good humour in accomplishing their task as expeditiously and as painlessly as possible. Please be kind enough to pass my thanks to them and to express my appreciation to your dental clinic.”

“Very understanding and the staff was willing to work around my schedule.”

“I was so scared to go to the dentist after not going for many years (don’t procrastinate your dental problems!), but I was put at ease from the beginning to the end with the friendliest people.”





I had a surgical intervention for dental implants at Alverna Dental. Now I feel much better about myself. My smile is more than I could have hoped for and I smile all the time. I enjoy foods again that I never thought possible. The results are truly amazing.





Staff is like one nice happy family with a lot of respect for their doctors. You can tell these guys have been together for a quite some time and really enjoy what they are doing. I am extremely pleased with my treatment and encourage others to experience a very good dental implant team. Moreover, regardless the fact that for me personally money was not part of my decision making to treat myself in Romania, I spent roughly 60% of what I would have spent at home…including transportation, room and meals.




I recently completed a 6 unit implant treatment at Alverna Dental. There was little pain involved in the entire procedure, and I was given contact info of several doctors in the event of any enquiries. This gave me great peace of mind. In the final stage of the treatment I had the abutment screwed into the socket and the impressions for the final bridge.

These part of the procedure really impressed me, with both Dr. Stanca and Dr. Romana making sure the fit and colour was perfect. This process took a few adjustments, but it was well worth it as the final look is great, and matched my existing bridge perfectly. I would thoroughly recommend Alverna Dental clinic to anyone who wants a quality job done at prices that you could hardly find.




I just want to say thank you and tell all of you how much I appreciate your warmth, compassion, friendship, and all the kind things you did for me during my recent dental work. There was a lot to be done, but you were always patient, kind and answered my endless stream of questions. I even got to watch my crowns being crafted right there in your office – what a fun!