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Alverna Dental Studio 1
Alverna Dental Studio 2


Endodontic professional whitening (internal/tooth) 200 RON
Professional whitening in the dental practice 500 RON
Whitening with mouthguards 600 RON
Affixation of dental jewellery on the enamel surface 150 RON
General dental consultation, drawing of the exhaustive sheet, elaboration of the treatment plan 100 RON
Periodontal diagnosis, periodontal status 150 RON
Diagnosis, evaluation of the bone reserve, implantology measurements, study model 150 RON
Elaboration of the documentary model 100 RON
Professional brushing 50 RON/arch
Ultrasonic removal of the tophus under the gum and over the gum 150 RON
Fluoridation, de-sensitization treatment 20 RON/tooth
Airflow 150 RON
Tophus removal + Brushing + Airflow 300 RON
Sealing 100 RON
Mouthguard/arch for prophylactic treatments 200 RON/arch
Ionomeric obturation 80-100 RON
Tooth coating with Ca Hydroxide (glasionomer base) 40 RON
EQUIA obturation 120-150 RON
Tooth coating with MTA 80 RON
Composite physiognomic obturation SMALL (one surface) 130 RON
Composite physiognomic obturation MEDIUM (two surfaces) 150 RON
Composite physiognomic obturation LARGE (three surfaces) 180 RON
Front teeth obturation 220 RON
BIODENTINE obturation (base / coating) 150 RON
Reconstruction with photopolymerizable composite 150 RON
Vestibular side restoration – photo composite 200 RON
Sealing of ditches and fissures for temporary teeth 80 RON/tooth
Sealing of ditches and fissures for permanent teeth 100 RON/tooth
Preparation and filling of cavities on temporary teeth with CIS/composite 100 RON/tooth
Glassionomer obturation 100 RON
Composite obturation 100 RON
Application of devitalizing dressing 30 RON
Application of calming dressing 50 RON
Application of antiseptic dressing 30 RON
Vital abscission for temporary tooth 50 RON
Devital abscission for temporary tooth 50 RON/bandage
Root canal for temporary tooth 50 RON
Temporary tooth amputation 50 RON
Permanent young tooth amputation 50 RON
Extraction of simple root temporary tooth 60 RON
Extraction of multiple root temporary teeth 80 RON
Hygienisation (includes: plate index, brushing instruction, professional brushing, fluoridation) 100 RON
Selective polishing 10 RON/tooth
ZOE root 50 RON
Calming dressing 60 RON
Devitalizing dressing 60 RON
Direct CaOH – ZnOEugenol coating 100 RON
Indirect CaOH și ZnOEugenol coating 100 RON
Direct BIODENTINE coating 150 RON
Mechanical and antiseptic treatment of the root canal / monoradicular 200 RON
Endodontic obturation of the monoradicular tooth 200 RON
Mechanical antisepsis treatment of the canal / premolar 300 RON
Endodontic obturation of the premolar tooth 250 RON
Mechanical antisepsis treatment of the canal / pluriradicular 350 RON
Mechanical antisepsis treatment of the canal / pluriradicular 300 RON
Permeability dressing of the root canal 50 RON
Endodontic antiseptic dressing 50 RON
Metal pivot removal (dentatus, DCR) 70 RON
Treatment of acute apical periodontitis through endodontic drainage 100 RON
Treatment of acute apical periodontitis by endodontic drainage + mucous-prostatic incision + transmaxillary osteotomy 150 RON
Treatment of high-grade apical lesions with intracanal medication (monoradiculars) 350 RON
Treatment of large apical lesions with intracanal medication in pluriradical teeth 500 RON
Monoradicular teeth retreatment 300 RON
Plurioradicular teeth retreatment 500 RON


Under the gum curettage in closed field/ tooth 60 RON
Under the gum curettage in open field/ tooth 150 RON
Immobilization of mobile teeth by means of an immobilization frame / tooth 90 RON
Periodontal surgery without material/ dial 800 RON
Regenerative periodontal surgery/ dial 2000 RON
Periodontal Plastic Surgery/ dial 1100 RON
Crown elongation 200 RON
Tissue graft 800 RON
Demounting – cutting metal crowns 30 RON/tooth
Acrylic provisional crown 60 RON
Acrylic crown 150 RON
CAD_CAM Acrylic crown 200 RON
Metal crown 250 RON
Metal composite crown 300 RON
Metal ceramic crown NK 400 RON
Metal ceramic crown IVO 500 RON
Metal ceramic crown (laser synthetized metallic structure CAD CAM) 700 RON
Metal-ceramic crown on gold 750 RON
Full ceramic crown 1000-1200 RON
Ceramic crown on zirconium holder CAD CAM 1200 RON
Full Zirconium crown 1200 RON
Ceramic facet (veneer) 900 RON
Inlay/Onlay composite 300 RON
Ceramic incrustation (Inlay) 800 RON
Ceramic onlay 1000 RON
Cast radicular and crown device 150 RON
Metal pivot with cap 300 RON
Mouthguard for the treatment of bruxism (arch) 100 RON
Total acrylic prosthesis (one arch) 1200 RON
Acrylic mobile prosthesis 1000 RON
Composite adhesive bridge 300 RON
Full ceramic prosthesis with teeth (one arch) 1700 RON
Kemmeny 200 RON
Prosthesis removal 200 RON
Prosthesis repair 200 RON
Frame prosthesis from 2500 RON
Special works (telescopic, galvanic, gold…) Customised
Regular abutment for implant 250 RON
Zirconium abutment for implan 700 RON
Implant abutment preparation 300 RON
Metal ceramic crown for implant 250 EURO
Metal-ceramic crown screwed on implant 300 EURO
Hybrid bunt / implant 200 EURO
Composite adhesive bridge 300 RON
Temporary prosthesis worked in the Scutan technique 20 RON/tooth
Protection collars 15 RON/tooth
Bruxism mouthguards 300 RON/arch
Mouthguard whitening 100 RON/arch
Direct moch-up 30 RON/tooth
Indirect moch-up 50 RON/tooth
Wax-up 30-50 RON/tooth
Orthodontic diagnosis, measurements, elaboration of treatment plans 150 RON
Mono-maxillary devices (movable) 600 RON
Bi-maxillary devices (functional) 600 RON
Space filler with tooth 150 RON
Space filler with loop 150 RON
Movable/mobile device repair 200 RON
Fixed metal braces (both arches) 5000 RON
Fixed ceramic braces (both arches) 6000 RON
Fixed sapphire braces (both arches) 7000 RON
Lingual orthodontics (invisible braces) Customised
Welded/removable Goshgarian bar 400 RON
Quad – helix 400 RON
Welded/removable Nance button 400 RON
Lingual bar 400 RON
Breaker 800 RON
Activation of the fixed orthodontic device (metallic) 50 RON/arch
Activation of a fixed physiomodic orthodontic device 80 RON/arch
Bracket reapplication 50 RON
Metal ring cementation 50 RON
Mini ortho implant application 400 RON
Removal of fixed orthodontic device 250 RON
Movable/mobile device periodic control 50 RON
Fixed retainer (Howley board, tray) 200 RON
Fixed retainer 200 RON
Headgear facial arch 500 RON
Delaire Mask / bib with collar 400 RON
TAV Silhouette & Sirius dental implant 300 EURO
MIS Seven & M4 dental implant 400 EURO
MegaGen Anyone dental implant 450 EURO
MegaGen Anyridge dental implant 500 EURO
Straumann dental implant + prosthetics 1200 EURO
All on four / all on six – R2Gate MegaGen full arch rehabilitation + prosthesis Customised
Open sinus lift intervention (without biomaterials) 2000 RON
Closed sinus lift intervention (without biomaterials) 1200 RON
Ridge split (without biomaterials) 1200 RON
Mineral / bovine / human bone addition (without biomaterials) 500 RON
Autologous bone sampling (without biomaterials) 1000 RON
Reconstruction of the alveolar process with the titanium mesh 1000 RON
Platelet Rich Fibrin – PRF (acceleration of bone and soft tissues healing) 600 RON
Extraction of temporary tooth 100 RON
Periodontal tooth extraction 120 RON
Extraction of tooth having more than one root 150 RON
Extraction of erupted wisdom molar 200 RON
Periodontal tooth extraction 150 RON
Complicated extraction with alveolectomy 170 RON
Extraction of radicular rest 150 RON
Maxillary Inclusion Odontectomy 300 RON
Mandible Inclusion Odontectomy 400 RON
Canine Tooth Odontectomy 400 RON
Uncovery of the under-mucous occluded canine tooth 150 RON
Uncovery of the endo-bone occluded canine tooth 300 RON
Molar decapping 3100 RON
Oro-antral communication plasty 200 RON
Maxillary sinus partial cure 400 RON
Cystectomy <2cm 200 RON
Cystectomy >2cm 400 RON
Monoradicular apical resection 300 RON
Pluriradicular apical resection 400 RON
Apical resection of the molar 1 root 300 RON
Apical resection of the molar 2 roots 400 RON
Apical resection and retro-obturation, monoradicular 300 RON
Apical – periapical curettage 250 RON
Premolarisation 250 RON
Incision and abscess drainage 150 RON
Excision of gingival balance overgrowth 250 RON
Excision of tuberculosis fibromatosis 250 RON
Epithelial – conjunctival hyperplasia excision 250 RON
Frenectomy / Frenoplasty / Clamps 200 RON
Vestibuloplasty 400 RON
Regularization of the edental alveolar overgrowth (arch) 300 RON
Osteoplasty – palatine thorus 300 RON
Osteoplasty – mandible thorus 300 RON
Osteoplasty – genius apophyses 300 RON
Coronary elongation (tooth) 100 RON
Gingivectomy per tooth 50 RON
Gingivectomy per front group 250 RON
Gingivoplasty (Flap on lateral movement per tooth + CoePak parodic dressing) 300 RON
Gingivoplasty (Flap on coronary movement) 300 RON
Gingivoplasty ( double papilla technology ) 400 RON
Periodontal curettage in open field / surgery with flap per tooth 150 RON
Periodontal curettage in open field / surgery with flap per front group/ lateral 600 RON
Free epithelial graft sampling 800 RON
Classic connective tissue graft sampling 800 RON
Tunneling 1000 RON
Vertical bone resorption treatment (without materials) 450 RON
Skin tumour formation excision 300 RON
Mucous tumour formation excision 300 RON
Excision of the sebaceous / fibrotic cyst 300 RON
Skin scarring excision 400 RON
Lip repositioning 1200 RON
Corticotomies per tooth 300 RON
Corticotomies per segment Customised
Reduction and immobilisation of fractures, alveolar process 400 RON
Reduction and immobilization of mandibular / maxillary fractures (without materials) 1000 RON
Reduction and immobilisation of nasal bone fractures 800 RON
Incision and drainage of submandibular abscess 800 RON
Bone biopsy 400 RON
Emergency trigeminal neuralgia treatment (endo / exo-oral anaesthetic infiltrations) 200 RON
Suture of endo / exo-oral wounds Customised
Removal of the unilateral grease bubble from the cheek (Bichectomy) 1200 RON
Removal of the bilateral grease bubble from the cheek (Bichectomy) 2400 RON
Restylane hyaluronic acid injections from 230 EURO/ml
Plasmolifting (vampire technique) 1000 RON