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About Us


Talking in philosophical terms, we are often asking ourselves why we do what we are doing, what is the drive behind hard work and long hours at the office, why are we aiming our telescopes boldly towards the sky with its overwhelming number of stars, where is our constant need for beauty and purity coming from?

After a thoughtful thought, we reach only one possible logical answer: our need as human beings to reach perfection, or at least to be as close as possible to the state of perfection.

Having that said we believe that in our business – dentistry, at the end of the day, our personal drive and energy is provided by the smile of our satisfied patients. That, and knowing we are supported by thorough professionals, state of the art technology, the best available materials and avant-gardist working techniques, make us honestly believe (with no fake modesty) that we are seriously approaching perfection.

Dentistry is not only fillings, extractions and implants. Dentistry is a fortunate mix of  human anatomy, art and exact sciences.

My passion is to deliver quality!

The dental laboratory department is in-house with the dentistry treatment facilities. That gives our clinic a competitive edge and helps us not only deliver dental care at the highest standards but also doing it in a timely fashion and at the lowest costs possible.

We know for a fact how important is for our patience to go through the dental treatment process as comfortable as possible. That is the reason why we approach carefully all the details of our activity that delivers you relaxation and peace of mind.

Dedicated to our patients

Your perfect smile is our greatest satisfaction.


Our pledge to you is that our team is using its expertise to make the difference between “only fillings” and a great smile.

Since we are aware that being a patient at a new dental office can be a frustrating experience, we meet you half way with a  two-year warranty for the services offered.

Perfection is our passion.We double check every case before it goes out the door to ensure that all are free from defects. Therefore, remakes and adjustments are almost non-existent in Alverna Dental Studio’s laboratory.

Our philosophy is to “do it right the first time”.

If you are not satisfied with your work, simply return it, and we will restore it at no extra charge from you. 

**Old dental prosthesis must be returned with a new dental imprint in order for the warranty to be validly applied.

Our Warranty does not cover the following situations:

  • refund of the work consideration
  • if the work deteriorates as a result of a trauma or inappropriate use
  • if oral hygiene is neglected
  • if the dentist’s instructions are not followed
  • if the patient does not return for scheduled periodic checks at least once every 6 months
  • if the dental work has been damaged due to external causes such as falls, strokes, accidents, damage of the supporting teeth or tissue adjacent to the dental work whether the work was entirely or partially manufactured by other dental clinics